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Planning and Development
in the Blue Mountains
  1. The Society's Land Use Subcommittee
  2. Planning and Development in the Blue Mountains
  3. Our Planning and Development Resource Kit

1. The Society's Land Use Subcommittee

The Society's Land Use Subcommittee examines State Government and Council policies, as well as development applications affecting environmentally sensitive land in the Blue Mountains.

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It's also on the look out for activities that contravene environmental laws and regulations - like land clearing and dumping.

The Land Use Subcommittee -

2. Planning and Development in the Blue Mountains

Planning and development in the Blue Mountains is determined by two key documents.

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The BMLEP 2015 outlines:

The BMLEP 2015 is statutory instrument - in other words all new development must comply with the provisions of the LEP.

It should be noted development in some urban areas is still governed by the old Blue Mountains LEP 2005.

The BMDCP provides information and guidance on site analysis for new developments, and environmental, heritage and other development controls which apply to new developments.

The BMDCP 2015 is a policy document, so developments do not necessarily need to comply with the DCP, but it is a key tool Council uses when considering whether to grant development consent.

More information on the planning and development process in the Blue Mountains can be found on Council's website.

3. Our Planning and Development Resource Kit

The Society's Planning and Development Resource Kit can answer all these questions and more.

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Members of the public often approach the Society for advice or help on environment-related matters that they are concerned about in their neighbourhood or in the mountains more broadly.

This is a positive sign that Blue Mountains residents care about the environment and want to take action to protect it.

The Society therefore developed the kit to help residents take appropriate action on environment-related matters and learn more about the legal frameworks and institutions regulating development in the Blue Mountains.

The Society encourages residents to be proactive. The most common way authorities find out about illegal clearing, pollution events, unapproved development and other environmental damage is through reports by concerned residents and individuals.

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