Protect Our National Parks Protect Our National Parks  (Alan Page)
Blue Mountains Conservation Society
Our mission is to help conserve the natural environment of the Greater Blue Mountains
and to increase awareness of the natural environment in general.
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March For The Mountains
Sunday 9 June at 11am
Carrington Place, Katoomba
March For The Mountains
March to save Our Blue Mountains World Heritage from the raising of Warragamba Dam.

The march will commence at Carrington Place*, down Katoomba St, left into Waratah and left into Lurline and finish in Kingsford Smith Park.

Once there, there will be speeches from the alliance partners.

Here's more information about the proposed dam raising.

* - Carrington Place is in front of the Carrington Hotel

2019 Federal Election
Saturday 18 May
Protect Our National Parks Colo River  (Ian Brown)
We asked the Macquarie Electorate candidates one question -
"What is the biggest threat to the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, and what should be done to address it".

To see how they responded visit our 2019 Federal Election webpages.

You'll also find details of each candidate, and the Australian Conservation Foundation's Track Record of each of the major parties regarding climate change.

‘Climate Cuts, Cover-Ups and Censorship’
Climate Cuts Cover Climate Cuts Report Cover  (Climate Council)
The Climate Council’s report, ‘Climate Cuts, Cover-Ups and Censorship’ provides a detailed overview of the Australian government’s approach to climate change since the election of the Liberal-National Coalition government in 2013.

The period is characterised by slashing climate science funding, cutting effective climate change programs, rejecting the expert advice of national and international bodies, senior ministers making publicly misleading claims, a lack of credible climate policy, and consistently covering up poor performance.

This is the defining policy and leadership failure of the last decade.

Download the report  (4MB pdf)

Katoomba Airfield Lease Katoomba Airfield  (Alan Page)
Katoomba Airfield Lease

Katoomba Airfield is located at the end of Grand Canyon Road in Medlow Bath. It is completely surrounded by the Blue Mountains National Park. This strategic location has been important for bushfire fighting and other emergencies.

The Department of Industry (Crown Land and Water) is currently considering issuing a new long term lease over Katoomba Airfield at Medlow Bath to a private commercial operator.

A short term ‘licence’ was issued to a private commercial operator on 1 February 2018.

The Department advised that community consultation will be undertaken prior to the issuing of any long term lease.

Visit our Katoomba Airfield Lease webpage.

Radiata Plateau Radiata Plateau (Kamil Sustiak)
Leave Radiata Plateau Wild

Sitting on the southern escarpment, Radiata Plateau with its outstanding topography is the last remaining undeveloped peninsula-plateau in the upper Blue Mountains.

Home to rare and threatened species, culturally significant and a magnet for the local outdoor community, Radiata Plateau, towering high above rolling valleys has been in the making for millennia.

Here's the Open Letter to the Hon. Gabrielle Upton, NSW Minister for Environment and Heritage published in the Blue Mountains Gazette on 5th December.

Visit our Leave Radiata Plateau Wild webpages.

Kowmung River
Kowmung River - a declared wild river  (Ian Brown)
Save The Blue Mountains Wild Rivers

In October 2018, the NSW Government passed legislation to allow the flooding of World Heritage listed national parks by raising the wall of Warragamba Dam.

If the dam wall is raised, 4,700 hectares of World Heritage listed National Parks and 1,800 hectares of declared Wilderness Areas will be forever scarred from sedimentation, erosion and invasion of exotic plants.

Raising Warragamba Dam will inundate 65 kilometres of Blue Mountain's wild rivers.

Visit the Save The Blue Mountains Wild Rivers website.

Lost City Lost City   (Henry Gold)
Protect the Gardens of Stone

One of the most beautiful and intricate sandstone landscapes in Australia - dramatically coloured escarpments and headlands, slot canyons, cave overhangs, ancient sand dunes and the complex arrays of internationally significant rock turrets known as pagodas.

Huge plant diversity, including more than 1,000 species and 33 different vegetation communities (15 of which are threatened or poorly conserved), ancient montane heathlands; nationally endangered upland swamps and a unique species of snow gum.

Learn about the amazing Gardens of Stone, why it needs protecting and how you can help our campaign.

Visit our Gardens of Stone webpages.

No Western Sydney Airport bumper sticker
No Western Sydney Airport bumper sticker
No Western Sydney Airport

The Society believes that the Western Sydney Airport and its attendant infrastructure and associated industries poses a very real threat to the GBMWHA. And as a result, the Airport is a threat to the Blue Mountains communities, tourism and businesses.

The principal impact on the GBMWHA and Blue Mountains communities of the proposed Western Sydney Airport is aircraft noise.

See more on our campaign against Western Sydney Airport