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NSW State Election 2015

On the 28th March 2015 the people of New South Wales will elect the next state government.

The outcome of this election will have repercussions for things both local and global; from how much say you have about building developments in your street, right through to how much coal is mined in NSW and the consequent impact its burning has on the global atmosphere.

The election is one of your best opportunities to have a real say about how NSW is run. Candidates and political parties are not all the same, and while none are perfect it is up to us to elect the ones that will do the least damage and hopefully maybe even do some good.

The Jamison Valley "Searching the wilderness for good government policies"
A healthy natural environment is the foundation on which all else rests.

All living creatures, and that includes us, need: fresh air to breathe, clean water to drink, and fertile soil in which food can grow.

This environment doesn't exist in abstract isolation, rather it is inextricably reliant on the well being of the innumerable interconnected natural ecosystems that make it up, and it falls to each of us to ensure that these ecosystems remain in good condition.

This is where voting comes in.

There are many factors that influence how we vote - some economic, some social, and some cultural.

However, underpinning all of these is the environment, and a healthy natural environment is the non-negotiable essential base for any society that wants to last for more than a few hundred years.

Polluting air and waterways and strip mining the earth is not a recipe for a sustainable civilisation for our grandchildren and theirs.

As such, we ask you to put the environment front and centre in your considerations about how to vote.

Sensible creatures do not destroy their own habitat. Our habitat, like Russian Babushka dolls, is a nested series: the Blue Mountains, in NSW, a part of Australia, which is a rather large island between two vast oceans on the only planet that we've got.

So Vote for the Environment in 2015.

Things you might like to consider:

About our campaign:

The Blue Mountains Conservation Society undertakes all of its activities in an ethical, open, and transparent manner.

This campaign is no different. Our questionnaires to candidates and their responses always go up on our web site, we hold public forums not invitation-only events, and our research and statements are objective and science-based.

We hope such material will be one of the sources that inform you in making up your own mind about who to vote for.

We have a long history of not being aligned with any political party, and we intend to keep it that way.

However, we also realise that all actions are indeed "political" actions, and necessarily tie in closely with "policy".

The Blue Mountains Conservation Society has very clear policies on what constitutes sound and beneficial environmental practice, and as such the Society will not shy away from calling a "spade a spade".

So when we assess a candidate's or political party's policies to be detrimental to the environment we shall say so simply, clearly, and if needs be very loudly.

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