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Make sure you have your say!

Make sure you are enrolled to Vote!

If you want to have a say about who governs NSW, and hence how well our environment is protected, then you need to vote.

Don't just let anybody coast to victory; exercise your power as a citizen and cast a vote for the candidate of your choice - hopefully one that will protect our environment.

If you're 18 or over and have Australian citizenship (or are an Eligible British subject) then you are entitled to vote in Australian elections - but to do so you must be on the Electoral Roll maintained by the Electoral Commission. The Commission operates both federally (see Australian Electoral Commission AEC) and at the state level (Electoral Commission NSW).

To check that you are enrolled correctly (well worth doing!) go to: Australian Electoral Commission - Check my enrolment

If you want to: go to: Australian Electoral Commission - Enrol to vote

Most enrolments can be accomplished online, so don't put it off.

Finally, if you have any family members, friends, or acquaintances that you think might not be enrolled then please direct them to this page, the Electoral Commission's website or office, or even the nearest Post Office which has the enrolment forms needed.

Encourage them to participate in choosing our next government and to vote for the environment.

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