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A Timeline for the Upper Blue Mountains
for Mountain Plateau areas 900 to 1200 metres
(Wentworth Falls to Hassan's Walls, Lithgow)
Compiled by Jim Smith, 2002

NOTE: Timing of events may vary considerably from year to year due to seasonal conditions.

(September, October, November)

Waratah - Telopea speciosissima
(December, January, February)

Pink Flannel Flower - Actinotus forsythii
(March, April, May)

Hairpin Banksia - Banksia spinulosa
(June, July, August)

Sunshine Wattle - Acacia terminalis

Acknowledgements: Observations supplied by Jim Smith, Carol Probets, Peter Staton, Danny Wotherspoon, Jill Dark and Christine Davies.

Calendar production by Jim Smith.
This edition published by Blue Mountains Conservation Society.

This calendar is copyright free and may be reproduced with acknowledgement.

Please post suggestions for improvements and new observations to
Jim Smith, 65 Fletcher Street, Wentworth Falls, 2782.

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