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Cape Horn, Ben Bullen State Forest
Cape Horn, Ben Bullen State Forest
photo: Andrew Valja

GOS Map cover
The Gardens of Stone Visitors Map
incorporating Gardens of Stone Stage 2 Proposal
and existing National Parks

The experiences offered by the magnificent Gardens of Stone region are known to relatively few, despite the region being easily accessible from Sydney and the Central West.

To promote low impact visitor experiences and its reservation as a state conservation area, the Colong Foundation and the Blue Mountains Conservation Society have developed a Visitors Map with detailed interpretive notes on the reverse side.

The Visitors Map is in full colour, 60 by 85 cm in size, and covers the entire Gardens of Stone region at a 1:100,000 scale, making it ideal for planning your next trip to the area.

It includes the locations of key attractions, as well as the new Capertee National Park.

The Notes on the reverse side of the map contain twenty panels of information that explain many aspects to help make the Gardens of Stone a unique experience and a "must visit".

Visitors can enjoy a range of iconic attractions involving short bushwalks, scenic lookouts, and cultural and wildlife experiences. They can also go camping and engage in longer bushwalks, canyoning and rock climbing.

This series of panoramas is from the Society's
Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Experience
Touring routes for motor vehicles and bicycles also exist and readily link to other routes in the Greater Blue Mountains and World Heritage Area.

Keenly priced at $7.50 plus $1.50 postage and handling, it is a must purchase for all who love the Blue Mountains and want to discover something different on the other side of the Mountains.

Purchase your copy directly from the Blue Mountains Conservation Society, so that all proceeds can be directed towards the conservation of this fantastic area.

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Buying the map online

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