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26th July 2012: Authority says Coalpac's proposal too noisy for residents
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After carefully reviewing documents, the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has stated it cannot support the Coalpac Consolidation Project, proposed by Coalpac Pty Ltd, due to the unacceptable noise impacts it will have upon residents.

The NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure called on the EPA to review the related Environmental Assessment for the Project and stated within its submission:

(the EPA) cannot support the project as is currently proposed for the following reason:
1. The EPA considers that the potential for unacceptable noise impacts upon both rural residents and the residents of Cullen Bullen is too great based on the assumptions in the noise modelling of the proposed 24 hours a day/7 days a week operations.

"Cullen Bullen residents have been repeatedly told by Coalpac Pty Ltd that it holds the interests of the residents in the highest regard and yet has laid down a proposal that threatens their livelihood," says Justin McKee for the Blue Mountains Conservation Society.

The EPA's submission also noted: Even with all the extensive noise mitigation in place the noise modelling predicts adverse impacts at 9 locations during the day and 36 residential receivers at night.

"Coalpac ashamedly told residents in a public meeting earlier this year that their lifestyle would not be compromised and this project was good for the town."

In further outlining its position: The EPA has concerns with the proponent's commitment and ability to fully and effectively implement the required noise mitigation measures based on previous experience at the site.

"Coalpac Pty Ltd has a history of being unreliable on mitigating noise issues in the past. It is encouraging to see the EPA standing firm against repeat offenders within the mining industry."

The authority also commented: The cost implications for the presented mitigation (Section 4.4) would be extensive; no cost estimates and no timetable have been put forward for mitigation implementation.

"The owners of Coalpac have been trying to sell the company since October 2010. The sale would be gigantically more profitable if this project is approved. Comments from the EPA highlight that Coalpac's focus is on profit and not the lives of people living in Cullen Bullen," concludes Mr McKee.

Media Contacts: Justin McKee 0404 824 020

Link to EPA submission:

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