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Latest News on the Gardens of Stone

15th July 2012: A phenomenal effort from our supporters

Over 700 submissions were received and the Society wishes to thank everyone for their efforts. This is a phenomenal result! The many residents of Cullen Bullen who will be directly affected, were moved by the level of support.

The Blue Mountains Conservation Society recognized the value individual submissions being sent to the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure which voiced opposition to the open-cut mining proposal which threatens the Ben Bullen State Forest.

It is unfortunate to note that the concerns from residents around negative health impacts from the open-cut proposal are very real. As you may recall, the mine is extremely close to the small town and its Cullen Bullen Primary School.

NSW HEALTH has stated in its submission on the proposal:

We have a number of concerns, particularly in relation to the long-term health effects from dust, emissions from blasting and noise effects.


(the EPA) cannot support the project as is currently proposed for the following reason:
1. The EPA considers that the potential for unacceptable noise impacts upon both rural residents and the residents of Cullen Bullen is too great based on the assumptions in the noise modelling of the proposed 24 hours a day/7 days a week operations.

It is important we continue the campaign to help protect this area and prevent the NSW Government from setting a precedent that would allow open-cut mining in areas that will directly affect the headwaters of the Cox's River and the hundreds and hundreds of native plants and animals that live in this magnificent landscape we all know as The Gardens of Stone.

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