What you can do

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There are several ways you can help us protect The Gardens of Stone



STOP the return of OPEN CUT MINING in the Gardens of Stone NOW

The Manildra Group (Castlereagh Coal) are proposing to open cut mine in the Gardens of Stone area as an extension of its Invincible Mine north of Lithgow.

This extension is in part of the area that two independent Planning Assessment Commissions concluded should have "the highest level of protection" from mining.

Together with other environmental organisations we fought off the Coalpac proposals to open cut the area in 2012 and 2014! We need to do it again.

This proposal will remove 50 hectares of woodland and slopes which are an integral part of the spectacular pagoda landscape. It will mine close to some pagodas. It will permanently destroy the habitat of animals including threatened species.

Open cut mining turns woodlands into moonscape. The land with its plants and dependent animals are all removed leaving a barren hole. Revegetation cannot restore the land to its pre-mining state.

The Planning Assessment Commission will very soon decide whether this destructive mining can go ahead. The NSW Department of Planning is not recommending against the proposal.


Write to the Chair of the PAC today objecting to Manildra's proposal.
You can use our email facility click here:


If approved, it will open the way for more open cut mining in Gardens of Stone at Invincible and other nearby mines currently not operating. The Manilda group has applied for extensive mining exploration leases around Invincible mine.

Justification for the proposal is weak. The Manildra group say they need this special "nut" coal to feed the boilers at their Shoalhaven Starches operations near Nowra. But they are currently already getting nut coal from other mines. They do not need to reopen the Invincible mine and destroy forest to keep their boilers going.

They want to mine 2.7 million tonnes of coal to get just 300,000 tonnes of nut coal for their boilers!

The Department of Planning says that the proposal is "approvable" with conditions. We say the proposal needs to be rejected outright.

You can read the Department of Planning assessment report here:

Send your objection to the Planning Assessment Commission today and help stop this destructive proposal:
[email link]

The society wrote a submission objecting to the proposal when it was first announced last November. You can read it here:

The PAC will hold a public meeting at Lithgow Workers Club 9.30 Wednesday 29 November. The society will be making a presentation objecting to the Invincible mine extension.