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Visit and learn about the magnificent Gardens of Stone region on the western side of the Blue Mountains and easily accessible from Sydney or the Central West. The Gardens of Stone Visitors Map shows trails, views and other main attractions.

Only two hours drive from Sydney, the Gardens of Stone offer many family adventures from picknicking and sightseeing to day walks, camping, nature study, exploring industrial ruins, bird-watching, bicycling, photography, drawing and painting. The Visitors Map is full of suggested walks and trips.

There are lots of opportunities for multi-day walks, rock climbing, abseiling and canyoning. Accommodation is readily available in Lithgow and other nearby towns.

The Visitors Map is in full colour, 60 by 85 cm in size, and covers the entire Gardens of Stone region at a 1:100,000 scale, making it ideal for planning your next trip to the area.

Well illustrated with colour photos, the reverse side has lots of information on the plants, animals, pagoda rock formations, cliffs as well as the cultural and historic places in the region.

This map has been prepared by the Gardens of Stone Alliance (Blue Mountains Conservation Society, Colong Foundation for Wilderness and Lithgow Environment Group) to promote the conservation of the Gardens of Stone Stage 2 Reserve Proposal and to showcase the many low-impact recreational opportunities in the area.

There are touring routes for motor vehicles and bicycles which readily link to other routes in the Greater Blue Mountains and World Heritage Area.

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