Thank you so much to everyone who came out to the Gardens of Stone Alliance Banner event.

We had a terrific turnout and, as well as the banner, used the gathering to host several Wild Cafes which enabled participants to learn more about current campaigns.


Banner drop

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28 November 2017

The Society will be making a presentation today to the Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) meeting on the Invincible mine in the former Coalpac area. We will be strongly opposing any open-cut mining restarting in the Gardens of Stone area.
To make your voice heard and lodge an objection to open-cut mining, you can use our letter here and add your own comments.

Points you could include:

  • The Gardens of Stone area is home to internationally significant pagoda rock formations that are at risk if any mining takes place
  • Any mining will have a drastic impact on the numerous threatened species in the area
  • The area is rich in flora and fauna that will be severely impacted by any mining

You need to get your letter in before 5pm Tuesday 5 December.

Blue Mountains Conservation Society is a part of the Gardens of Stone Alliance along with Colong Foundation and Lithgow Environment Group.