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Our mission is to help conserve the natural environment of the Greater Blue Mountains and to increase awareness of the natural environment in general.

 Springvale Mine Extension
 Gardens of Stone Demonstration
 Planning Threat - DLEP 2013
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 GoS Photographic Competition
 Western Sydney Airport
 Wollangambe & Clarence Colliery Disaster
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A Demo was held outside the Centennial Coal's office to protest the on-going pollution of rivers, drinking water and damage to nationally endangered swamps within the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area

Where was it? - Outside the BT Tower, corner of Market and Kent Streets
When - Tuesday 25th August

Centennial Coal wants to expand their polluting Springvale coal mine in the heart of the Gardens of Stone region. If approved unamended, the mine will increase the amount of contaminated mine water discharged to the Coxs River. Nearby, Centennial Coal discharges toxic waste from its Clarence Mine into the Wollangambe River in the World Heritage Area. Centennial has been slow to remove the spill of coal fines into the World Heritage Area from the Clarence Mine.

Here are a couple of images taken at the rally.





Blue Mountains Conservation Society

Saturday, 5 September, 1 pm
Mid Mountains Community Centre
7 New Street, Lawson
Chris Tobin: Welcome to country and a Darug perspective
Sarsha Gorissen: Blue Mountains Water Skink
Dr Ian Baird: Giant Dragonfly
Dr Kellie Leigh: Koalas and Badger the Detection Dog
Dr Brad Purcell: Dingoes (what makes a dingo a real dingo?)
The day will finish with a Q & A
Gold Coin Donation

giant dragonfly
Giant Dragonfly (photo: Ian Baird)

Read more about the THREATENED SPECIES event

Draft Blue Mountains Local Environmental Plan 2013
DLEP Rally took place at Civic Place, Katoomba, 18 July 2015   (Robert Linigen)


The Blue Mountains community has worked hard to develop a Local Environmental Plan (LEP) which protects our beautiful environment including our pristine creeks and our World Heritage National Parks.

The NSW Government is threatening to force a "one size fits all" Local Environmental Plan onto the Blue Mountains. It now wants to remove the key environmental elements it had previously supported. These elements are aimed at protecting our unique environment, the World Heritage Area and the character of our villages.

Make your voice heard and send an email to the Minister of Planning asking him to approve the draft Blue Mountains LEP  - immediately and unchanged - click here.

Add a sentence or two to the prepared text about why you support the draft LEP, add your name and address and press send. 

Read more about this here

To open a prepared email that can be sent to the Minister for Planning - click here

Petition handover
The handing over of the Petition to Save our LEP.

Gardens of Stone: In Focus
Photographic Competition
3rd June - 28th July

The Gardens of Stone IN Focus Photographic exhibition has closed.  Almost 500 photos have been uploaded to the competition site.  This is a HUGE show of support for this unique area.   You will able to view all the photo entries shortly through the Gardens of Stone In Focus page of Colong Foundation's website.

The Gardens of Stone Alliance* commissioned this special photographic competition to bring attention to an unprotected region on the western side of the Blue Mountains with superlative natural beauty.

More people have been introduced to Gardens of Stone through the competition. 

A public exhibition of the photos is planned for later this  year including a venue in the Blue Mountains. 

Remember the Society includes walks in the Gardens of Stone in its regular walks program.

* Colong Foundation for Wilderness, Lithgow Environment Group and Blue Mountains Conservation Society

Ben Bullen State Forest Ben Bullen State Forest (Ian Brown)

Getting involved
Blue Dampiera - Dampiera stricta Native Plant Nursery
Operating at Lawson and Blackheath, our nursery grows native plants for residents and organisations.  Find out how you can buy plants or help out at the nursery.
more .....
Baal Bone walk - Andy Gardiner BMCS Bushwalking
Walking is a great way to meet people, keep fit and enjoy nature. Come and explore the beautiful Blue Mountains with friendly people.     Like us on Facebook
more .....
Valley of the Waters Bushcare Group Bushcare Group
The Bushcare Group meets once a month to remove weeds and plant native species at the Valley of the Waters site.  New members are always welcome.
more .....
the vulnerable Euphrasia bowdeniae Conservation Work
Help us preserve the natural environment of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage region.
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The Plant Study Group The Plant Study Group
The Plant Study Group meets once a month and travels to different locations in the mountains, enabling it to see a diversity of species and plant communities.
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Bush Trackers website
The Society sponsors Bush Trackers.

Here's a 4 minute video about Bush Trackers.

Visit the Bush Trackers website to download Bush Tracker Guides.

Conservation Campaigns

Qantas A380   Qantas A380   (Andrzej Kostrzewa)
Western Sydney Airport
A major threat to the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area

The Society opposes the proposed Western Sydney Airport as it impacts the environment of the Greater Blue Mountains and threatens its world heritage listing.

Here's the Society's submission.   You can read more here and here's a flyer.

Dead Swamp - no recovery
Dead Swamp - No Recovery  (A. Allchin)
Springvale Mine Extension Project
submissions closed on Friday 22nd May

Centennial Coal has resolved to push ahead with a massive proposed expansion of the Springvale longwall mine project that the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) says would directly discharge up to 43.8 ML/day of high salinity mine water into the Coxs River.

    ◊ Coxs River flows into Warragamba Dam.
    ◊ An Olympic-size swimming pool contains 2.5 ML.

Springvale Colliery is in the Western Coalfields near Lithgow. Last year, the majority of coal produced was transported by train to Port Kembla for export.

The proposed expansion of Springvale Colliery will damage core values of the Gardens of Stone region, if approved. There is a chance to stop the damage, and making a submission to the Planning Assessment Commission will help.

Here's the Society's Submission and a joint Media Release.

The image above shows Sierra Classen inspecting a dead swamp in the 'headwaters' of the Wolgan River - nine years after being ruined by longwall mining. There is still no sign of recovery.

Review of the 10/50 Vegetation Clearing Rule
Submissions closed Friday 14th November

The Society supports the Rural Fire Service's Review of the 10/50 Vegetation Clearing Code of Practice for NSW, and encourages the rescinding of this policy.

People do have a right to protect their homes - but this sledge-hammer approach has appalling consequences.

The Society considers that there are major problems associated with the implementation and operation of the present Code that need to be addressed.   Here's the Society's submission.

To find out more about the 10/50 rule and the status of the review go to the Rural Fire Service's website.

Wild Wollangambe River poisoned by a major mine waste heap collapse.
See more on the Colong website

The Wollangambe River   The Wollangambe River   (Ian Brown)
Review of Clarence Colliery's
Environment Protection Licence   (EPL726)
Govt. Report confirms pollution

A report released on 1st June by the Office of Environment and Heritage confirmed that high volume discharges from Clarence Colliery near Lithgow are toxic to aquatic life and have impacted the Wollangambe River deep into the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.

After many years of pollution, the EPA intends to vary the mine's licence to place limits on nickel, salinity, and temperature of the discharge to this otherwise pristine river.

See more on the Colong website.

Here's the Society's submission   and   background details.

Wolgan Falls
Wolgan Falls
Coalpac's Invincible Colliery Mod 4
and Cullen Valley Mine Mod 2
have been refused

On 17th October, 2014, the NSW Planning Assessment Committee refused Coalpac's proposed expansion of the Invincible Colliery and Cullen Valley Mine.

Here's the PAC's determination report.

Here's an extract from the Commission's determination.

"The Commission has determined to refuse the modification applications for the following reasons:
  1. The proposal poses unacceptable risks to the pagoda structures and escarpments in the vicinity of the open cut pits and above the proposed highwall mining areas.
  2. The proposal would have significant impacts on the pagoda landform complex.
  3. The site has significant conservation value and is not suitable for the proposed mining, the highest and best use of the area is for conservation.
  4. The justification and need for the proposed extensions do not outweigh the environmental costs and impacts of the extension."

The Blue Mountains Conservation Society would like to thank its many hundreds of members and supporters, and associated organisations, for their tireless efforts over the past several years in this and previous campaigns to protect the Gardens of Stone.

We now need to campaign strongly for the reservation for conservation of Ben Bullen State Forest and the rest of the Gardens of Stone stage 2

Protect The Gardens of Stone Banner Drop - May 2011   (Rob Baigent)

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