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April 2014 edition
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Our mission is to help conserve the natural environment of the Blue Mountains
and to increase awareness of the natural environment in general.

Coalpac proposal to mine in the Gardens of Stone is back from the dead.

Coalpac has lodged a development application to mine 315 hectares of the Ben Bullen State Forest, next to the township of Cullen Bullen.

Here's our joint media release.

Exhibition of the DA starts on 3rd April and closes (outrageously) on 28th April.

Watch this space for news of our campaign and how you can be involved.

BMCS Annual General Meeting
Thursday 27th March - The Conservation Hut

Alan Page was elected Society President at the 2014 Annual General Meeting. Alan succeeds Peter Ridgeway.

After 10 years, Kevin Bell stepped down from Plant Nursery Manager. Sue Nicol is our new Nursery Manager.

Lachlan Garland stepped down from Membership Secretary. Ross Coster is our new Membership Secretary.

New to the Management Committee are Annabel Murray (Publicity) and Paul Vale (Bushcare).

Here is a full list of office-holders in the 2014-15 Management Committee.

The outgoing president, Peter Ridgeway, delivered the Society's Annual Report.

A highlight of the evening was seeing 8 Presidents of the Society - 7 former presidents and the newly elected president. They are shown in the order of their presidency. Imre was elected in March 1998.

Imre Gahl - Robin Mosman - Kevin Bell - Brian Marshall - Tara Cameron - Lachlan Garland - Peter Ridgeway - Alan Page
8 Society Presidents

PELA158 map
click the map to see a larger version
map courtesy of Karen McLaughlin
A new CSG threat to the Blue Mountains

A new Petroleum Exploration Licence application (which covers Coal Seam Gas) called PELA 158 has been lodged.

As you can see from the map, the application covers an area from Capertee, Cullen Bullen, Portland, through to Blackheath and down to Springwood/Winmalee and across to Mt. Wilson and Bilpin.

It covers parts of the Gardens of Stone National Park, Wollemi National Park as well as Blue Mountains National Park.

It also covers areas in the Gardens of Stone Stage 2 Reserve Proposal.

Submissions closed on Thursday 13th March and are currently being considered.

BMCC LEP 2013 logo
Draft Blue Mountains
Local Environmental Plan 2013
public exhibition period over

Submissions closed on Wednesday 5 March 2014.

What happens following the exhibition of the DLEP 2013?

Following the completion of the public exhibition period, all submissions will be acknowledged and considered in a report which will go to a Council Meeting, including any proposed changes.

Council may decide to make amendments to DLEP 2013 and if the amendments do not require further exhibition the amended plan will be finalised and forwarded to the Department of Planning and Infrastructure (DoPI) for Ministerial approval.

The DoPI have advised that they may make changes to the DLEP 2013 to satisfy legal requirements and model clauses.

Finally, with the Minister's approval the plan becomes law and is published on the NSW legislation website.

Full information can be found on the Blue Mountains City Council website.

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Getting involved
the vulnerable Euphrasia bowdeniae Conservation Work
Help us preserve the natural environment of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage region.
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Blue Dampiera - Dampiera stricta Native Plant Nursery
Operating at Lawson and Blackheath, our nursery grows native plants for residents and organisations.  Find out how you can buy plants or help out at the nursery.
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Baal Bone walk - Andy Gardiner BMCS Bushwalking
Walking is a great way to meet people, keep fit and enjoy nature. Come and explore the beautiful Blue Mountains with friendly people.     Like us on Facebook
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Valley of the Waters Bushcare Group Bushcare Group
The Bushcare Group meets once a month to remove weeds and plant native species at the Valley of the Waters site.  New members are always welcome.
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The Plant Study Group The Plant Study Group
The Plant Study Group meets once a month and travels to different locations in the mountains, enabling it to see a diversity of species and plant communities.
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